Updating firmware on hp printer

Once an update is found it will prompt the user that the update is available and ask them if they want to download and install it; “Yes/Continue or No/Cancel”.

The prompt does not provide the user any information about the update or what it wants to install.

If you bricked your printer following these instructions, don't say I didn't warn you that this is on your own risk And here's me making a video of getting into the HP Officejet 6500A's Service Menu.

My voice sounds bad because 1) I've got the flu right now, 2) I didn't take the time to dub, compress, normalise and equalize. It might even be funny because things don't really go the way I expected them to go...

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Also please ensure you downloaded the correct printer firmware for your specific printer model.

I've been struggling with my 2 year old printer for a year now because it keeps losing connectivity with the computer by whatever means it is connected (USB/LAN/WLAN). I will assume that this problem will not be limited to that specific model, so I hope this "hack" will help a few people out.

Today is the day I take some time to whether throw it away and buy a different one (not HP, mind you) or to get it working the way it should again. I downloaded two files, the Basic Driver - who wants the bloatware? At this point I should probably be happy that they at least offer those on their website. My original plan was to try and extract the firmware from this self-extracting and then try to get it installed through USB or so.

If the user selects “Yes/Continue” then it will grab all the available updates and begin installing them onto the computer and attached printer hardware (i.e. If they select “No/Cancel” the prompt is hidden for a short period of time but the prompt will eventually return. The second is an Auto Update or Update Printer feature that appears to only be installed onto printers with display panels with web services enabled and is turned on by default on select new printer model series.

If this feature is enabled then the printer can, without any notice, download updates automatically and install them.

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