Updating firmware n82 to browse adult dating

And that this update is by way of a stand-in measure until a future handset with both features back? NOKIA - If you're reading this - yes, LOTS of people do want Xenon back and decent graphics power, in future handsets. I for one will not buy another Nokia handset without a Xenon flash - most shots that most people take are not in the best light or done without a steady hand, and LED fails in comparison to Xenon in these situations. Personally, I chose not to upgrade my N95-1 to an N95 8GB because of the lack of lens cover.

Then I chose not to upgrade to an N85 because of the lack of a graphics chip.

Then I chose not to upgrade to an N97 because it's a shitload of money for not much improvement.

Despite some of the ludicrous user-unfriendly quirks of the N95's version of S60, at least I now know that UI pretty well, and even after three years it remains the best handset for me.

We're off to dust down the older phones (they must be in here somewhere) to find out what delights are in v35.0.001.

Be aware that user data is not preserved in a firmware update on the N95 range, so you must back up your data first if you want to keep it.

All this while there are some serious issues which need to be adressed on this phone: -Screen brightness to be unlocked -Issue with crashing when headset is plugged in -Battery life -Flash Lite 3 addition -Web Widgets addition When is this going to happen, NOKIA?

Combined with the Symbian signing debacle, I am left with a evry bad taste in my mouth after supporting NOKIA.

Dear community, I am an avid N82 fan and I finally have bought one again.

I'm amazed (but really happy) that the N95 has a further lease of life.

But I can't see any point in updating firmware for a phone which should be pushing up the daisies by now, so I wonder if Nokia have plans to reintroduce the phone as a 'new model' at a much lower price point?

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