Updating financial aid

In the menu above there are links to the steps on how to apply for financial aid for MSTOM students as well as information on the types of financial aid available for the Certificate, Associates, Bachelor's and Doctoral Programs, as well as Financial Aid for Veterans.The Financial Aid Office communicates with students via e-mail, phone, and posted notices.As a student, notices will be placed in your on-campus communication folder.Appointments are not required and students are encouraged to stop by our office or call or email us.Since it’s financial aid season, I will be sharing some posts on this important topic this month.Today we’re going to look at some mistakes parents make involving the Free Application for Federal Student and the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE.Leaving blanks can cause miscalculations and the application could be rejected.

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Through small classes I have been able to establish life-long relationships with my professors.

The FAFSA doesn’t even ask if you own a house so the amount of home equity you have is irrelevant.

The FAFSA does ask about second homes or real estate investments.

You can estimate your taxes in order to complete the FAFSA and the PROFILE.

In fact, it’s better to complete these forms as soon as possible and that will often require estimating. 1, the PROFILE is always released months earlier in the fall.

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