Updating excel from access

HTHGeoff Why bother to make it update through access - just make the query refresh on (excel wb) open - I presume that it doesn't matter if the data isn't the latest available if no-one is looking at it.

Therefore, there is no reason to update the data until someone wants to look at it - hence using the wb_open event to trigger the update.

My SQL is an excellent database for advanced analytics, but few analysts use it that way because they aren't fully aware of its capabilities in this area.

By using the two together you can harness the strengths of both applications, and build some powerful tools for your business.

Updated Feb 2013: This tutorial was written for 2003 and earlier versions, and the original file will not work with the newer .accdb database format.

There is an updated version that works with .accdb; download the file that suits your needs.

In each stage, Kumaran focuses on letting My SQL do the heavy lifting rather than writing code in Java or Python.

Discover how to perform data cleansing through My SQL update commands, find peak usage of any resource, perform centering and scaling of data to prepare for machine learning, and more.

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