Updating ctl

At some point it make sense to not run all services on a single VM anymore.

For performance reasons you might want to add more Elasticsearch nodes to the cluster or even add a second Graylog server.

The problem with this is that CTL is not actually a definition or marker for fitness, it is a register of input. All that being said, CTL is a stopping point for the equation and does not ever produce any sort of objective output on fitness. ATL is subject to the same issues as CTL and should be treated in a similar way although ATL and CTL are read as acute versus chronic (hence the acronym).

It is a semi-subjective and quantitative definition based on input only, it does not define the result. The other marker is TSB, or Training Stress Balance. This value between the acute and chronic can give a good indication of freshness. Now this fatigue is still only a marker of input or the lack thereof.

In more technical terms we want to create overload by applying stress to a system so that the system will react by adapting, therefore becoming more efficient or effective. Periods of rest between training are just as important as the training and its content.

It's a good alternative to mention if you aren't showing results and you want an excuse for being unfit and/or too tired to perform. This can fudge CTL or make someone's CTL very different compared to another person based on their FTP settings and protocol. Can you define race performance on CTL without knowing the athlete? ATL is generally a marker for short term input, generally the past 7 days, where CTL is a longer term marker, up to 6 weeks.Thus, we will not share, sell, or otherwise distribute your private information and email to a third party, except as required by law.Set the listen address for the web interface, REST API, and the transport URI. Define an external table that exactly matches your flat file.We are committed to protecting the right to privacy of our website members and subscribers.

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