Updating antique outboards

This is where most people who attempt such projects go wrong.

They think they can get the job done for next to no money if only they can work hard enough. If you doubt that, just take a tour of the back lots of boat yards and observe all the failed attempts. If you are capable of producing a reasonable estimate of the cost to complete the job, then you are probably qualified to attempt it.

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Basically, this means the high end boats that most people can't afford when these boats are still high on their depreciation curve.

This is easily determined by researching the resale values of similar boats.

Some of the better ones are people from the building trades, engineers or other trades involving the creation of things.

Part I -Money -Estimating -Planning -Knowledge -Time -Engines -Repowering -Painting -Size -A Brief Picture Part II -Structural Issues -Painting -Electric Systems -Other Major Systems -Inboard Boats -Interiors and Leaks -Estimating Additional Reading MARLIN MONROE Bertram 42 Convertible - Making an Old Boat New First is that the people who can best afford to do them, usually don't.

Followed by those who can't afford such projects are usually the ones that attempt them.

Indeed, most of the same principles you hear discussed on these shows apply directly to old boat restoration or refits. The ones that do are those that have enjoyed an excellent reputation, and are sometimes referred to as classics, or just have that certain "something." we can't name. Just because a boat is old, and you can get it for next to nothing, doesn't mean that it's a good subject.

Here are the primary ingredients: If you can meet these requirements, then, and only then, are you (1) likely to complete the project, and (2), end up in a financially sound position with a boat that can sell for significantly more than you paid for it. What makes for a good subject is a boat other people would want to pay good money for when you're finished.

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