Updating air force education records

You may locate specific topics regarding qualifications policy by clicking on "General Policies" in the second tab.

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agencies should apply the appropriate standards and instructions in this section.

If, however, at the time of an inservice placement action, the qualification requirements in an open competitive examination for an occupation are different from those in this section, agencies can apply the requirements in either the competitive examination or in this section.

employees do not have to meet the qualification requirements for the position to which they are detailed, except for any minimum educational, licensure and certification requirements. Implementing New or Revised Standards New or revised qualification standards issued by OPM must be implemented within 6 months of the date of publication, unless otherwise specified by OPM. Experience Requirements Experience is typically described in a qualification standard as either general or specialized experience.

To be creditable, such education must show evidence of progress through a set curriculum, i.e., it is part of a program leading to a master's or higher degree, and not education consisting of undergraduate and/or continuing education courses that do not lead to an advanced degree.means the applicant has received a high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) equivalency certificate, or proficiency certificate from a State or territorial-level Board or Department of Education.includes a noncompetitive action in which a position is filled with a current or former competitive service employee through promotion, reassignment, change to lower grade, transfer, reinstatement, reemployment, or restoration.

Inservice placement also includes noncompetitive conversion of appointees whose Federal excepted positions are brought into the competitive service under title 5 CFR 316.702, and Department of Defense/Nonappropriated Fund (DOD/NAF) and Coast Guard NAF employees whose positions are brought into the competitive the attributes required to perform a job and are generally demonstrated through qualifying experience, education, or training.

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