Updating address book lync 2016

In the real world you should actually do this at this point.However, for the purposes of this example I haven’t done this to show what effect it has later when running the Database Install commands.Run the CU1 Update Installer executable on all of your Lync Servers (one at a time, as the tool will take the services offline when updating them).The Updater will show you that all of your Lync services need updating: The above error states that “There was a problem communicating with the Group Pickup backend database” (Event ID 31055).

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Unfortunately, this function doesn't seem to always work, and databases can be left on the mirror server.So now we need to check the SQL instance on the Mirror server to see if these were deleted.From the screenshot above we can see that on the secondary server, the rgsconfig database has been automatically deleted.This is most likely to happen in a lab environment where you’ve only provisioned the minimum disk space for each machine.I had this happen with 15.3GB of disk space free, however, when I expanded the disk to have 29GB free this error went away.

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