Updating access database from dataset in vb net

In the Data Grid View Update Database tutorial, we will carry on with the previous database, table, saved data and the form design. Visual Basic Tutorial – Inserting Records in the Database Displaying Records in the Data Grid View From the Database I prospect, after resulting the above link it will easy for you.

But to apprehend you need to come after the previous tutorial. So, we can move to the Data Grid View Update Database tutorial.

So, this is the database table which we have created in the previous tutorial.

Here, st_id (Student ID) is the primary key and it will not allow any duplicate and the null value.

Here, I’m not going to change any controls in the windows form. Ole Db Data Adapter("SELECT *FROM student WHERE st_id =" & int St Id, con) Dim dt As New Data Table da.

Integer, 4, "Product ID") End With '~~~~Parameters: Direction 'Because the source Column was set this output parameter will insert the correct new identity ' Product ID retrieved from the database cmd Insert.

App Settings( "Ole Db Connection String")) Dim cmd As New Ole Db Command cmd.

Insert Command = cmd Insert '~~~~Data Adapter: Update 'Data Set Updates always operate on one table at a time Try 'Normally, we won't need the next step: Make sure the stored procedure has been created. Accept Changes() '--------------------------- 'Reset the autincrement seed to the currentl max Product ID in the database Set Product IDAuto Increment() ' THIS WORKED CORRECTLY 'Save the dataset Session("mds") = mds 'Clear the list of changed items lbo Changes. Clear() 'Refresh the Product details (this should only matter if it's a new product, getting the actual ' Product ID from the database.) Refresh Product Details(lbo Products. Dim cnn As New Ole Db Connection(Configuration Settings. Text 'retrieve the record with highest value from the Products Table Dim str SQL = "CREATE PROCEDURE proc Product Insert(" _ & " Category ID INTEGER, Product Name VARCHAR(40), " _ & " Unit Price CURRENCY =NULL, Units Instock SMALLINT =NULL," _ & " Product ID INTEGER OUTPUT AS INSERT INTO Products" _ & " (Category ID, Product Name, Unit Price, Units In Stock)" _ & " VALUES(Category ID, Product Name, Unit Price, Units In Stock)" _ & " SET Product ID = Product ID;" cmd.

Update(mds, "Products") ' PROBLEM IS HERE ( ERROR LINE ) mds. Close() End Try End Sub Private Sub Create Stored Proc Product Insert() 'Create a stored procedure for insertting new Products. Execute Non Query() Catch ex As Exception 'This will fail if the procedure already exists, and that's fine. Close() End Try End Sub *************** Thank you very much once again.

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