Updating a new englander

The first houses in the New World, like in the settlement at Plimoth, were simple post-and-beam shelters with one opening—a door.

Settlers used the materials at hand, which meant one-story houses of white pine and dirt floors.

The American Cape Cod house style is often considered the first American independent style. Like all architecture, it is a derivative of what has come before.

The most obvious difference between today's Cape Cod style and an equivalent true colonial home is the addition of the dormer.

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European immigrants to the New World brought building skills with them, but their first dwellings were more Primitive Hut than bold, new architectural style.For many, that absence of ornamentation translates into a great Do-It-Yourself project with the associated financial savings—save money by building your own house, just like the pioneers of America!Cape Cod House Plans for 1950s America was a marketing scheme for a booming housing market.Like the homes at Plimoth Plantation, the landscape of the traditional Cape Cod home often includes the picket fence or gate. Many of the homes of the past have been modified through architectural details or building additions. Exploring the meaning of architectural style can be challenging in a country like the United States with a population of diverse backgrounds.This old home in Chatham on Cape Cod must have had its share of roof drips over the front door.

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