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So what those errors are telling us is that a row lookup could not be performed, this is of course because we don’t have a key on this table. Now that we are done we can drop the linked server, you can use sp_dropserver to do that Denis has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5.

The S1LINENBR fields are also initialized differently.

Subfile page loading is performed with a do-loop at which time S1LINENBR is zero. During subfile loading, S1LINENBR is incremented by one for each record written.

Subfile Number (C1RCDNBR) C1RCDNBR is used to control page positioning after loading.

It should not be used for anything other than for that purpose.

This field is initialized with zero and are referenced by the WORKSTN file using FILE(SF01SF: S1RRN).

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