Unprotected sex dating site

investigation can today reveal how some women desperate to become mothers are having sex with total strangers to get pregnant.

Tara Russell went undercover to find out more about the sordid world of unlicensed sperm donation websites WITHIN an hour I had 12 strangers willing to make me pregnant, no questions asked.

But these women should count themselves lucky because most men on the site leave vulnerable women believing their only hope of a baby lies with unprotected sex.

Just 24 hours after I posted my simple advert saying I was a 27-year-old professional woman looking for a sperm donor, it had 611 views. But I wanted to know exactly who were the hundreds of men clicking on my message and what drove them to trawl the site?

THE WOMEN GAMBLING WITH STRANGERS WHO are the women gambling with their health to have a stranger’s baby? But disturbingly there are single women as young as 18 looking to have a baby with strangers they meet online.

Please help.” Within seconds a man in his thirties had posted his mobile number.

The clinics protect donors too regarding their identity which is kept secret until any resulting child turns 18.

However privately, men may be the legal father of any children born with all the responsibilities that carries.

He wrote: “After chatting to couples paying for fertility treatment I decided to try and help those in need of a donor free of charge as the gift of life is so precious.” However, while many do seem genuine, it is difficult to comprehend exactly why the men claiming to be so motivated by helping others do not go to licensed clinics which all suffer a major shortage of men willing to donate their sperm.

After all, there, they have no financial or legal obligation for any children born as a result of their donations.

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