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That was one of the biggest driving forces for us – wanting to have representation of our lives. Peaches: I feel like we’re in a good medium right now in filmmaking and how it can be seen as intimate – even if it might get taken off of You Tube, its not like people aren’t going to be able to find it.

Think about what the music video used to have to be, and how many places you’d see it, and how money and power have fueled that.

Matt Lambert: We decided to not even conform or play that game (with You Tube) at all.

Maybe we’d get less views in some way, but for people who want to see it in its unadulterated form, we didn’t have to pull any punches out of fear of You Tube pulling it or not, which was so nice. Peaches: That’s an incredible privilege, and we shouldn’t forget that.

This is about showing that queer women are equally as strong and loud and powerful in their sexuality and are actually not hidden in the way some people perceive queer women to be. I don’t mean everything has to be super raw porn, as you said Matt, there is different representations, but we need to see them and it needs to be seen.

Peaches: Diversity should be recognised also, there’s a lot of work to do. Julie: On a personal level, when your album came out, and your videos came out, it was such an exciting thing because my main problem with different types of media is that i really don’t feel I see myself on the screen or see myself represented, how I fuck, or the people I hang around, it’s not represented enough.

Jane Arnison: Inclusive spaces are absolutely vital and very important, but it shouldn't be at the expense of another subculture, it shouldn’t mean extinguishing another subculture.

Here, Peaches speaks to Evvol’s Julie Chance and Jane Arnison, as well as Matt Lambert, to get the lowdown on the video.

Julie Chance: Obviously I wanted to work with you, Matt, for a long time.

I'm a fan of your work and well, I thought you were interested in the cock too much, so I felt like we needed to flip it (you) over to the ‘dark’ side!

Peaches: I think it’s a very good idea that you wanted to bring Matt over to the other side, because I too felt it was closing off in the way that sometimes queer communities can be closed off, and that’s a representation obviously of how queer lesbians get pushed aside, so I think its good you opened it that way for the both you, so congratulations.

I also think it’s very relevant when you think of the spaces that have been been closed down around the world for communities, especially lesbian communities, from all the iconic places in North America throughout Europe too.

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