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While Ubuntu has secure defaults, it still needs tuning to the type of usage.Ubuntu desktops and servers need to be configured to improve the security defenses to an optimal level.So system hardening should also apply to the strength of your passwords.Tips to enhance your password: use longer passwords to make brute force password guessing much harder.Another possibility is that you have to return a broken disk.In both cases, others should not be able to read data stored on the disk.After the first installation steps, the creation of a user account is performed.This user will be added to the administrative group, allowing him or her to become root.

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The process of Ubuntu system hardening is very similar for desktops and servers. Desktop users are most likely using it for browsing the web or reading emails. These activities are less likely on servers, where typically data integrity and availability are more important.Although it won’t protect against all attacks, it matters for what we call .This means that when your system would get stolen, the data can only be retrieved if the attacker has the related key or passphrase to decrypt the data.For this reason, the password should be a strong password.Why a strong password matters: weak passwords don’t belong on systems.

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