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And given that this maiden North East date fell on his birthday, it’s clear he regards time off as an alien concept.This sense of relentlessness is reflected throughout tonight’s set, which comes loaded with the all highs, lows, thrills and frustrations you’d expect from such a prolific performer. Arriving onstage to a chorus of “Happy Birthday,” Segall and his four-piece Freedom Band set a blistering pace, tearing through track after track of raucous riffing and unhinged psychedelics. It’s as though they’ve chosen 20-odd songs, chucked them in a blender and performed them ad hoc; a scattergun approach which – initially, at least – pays dividends.The highs remain tremendous, but there’s little joy in wading through 10 minutes of meandering jams to reach them.By the end, there’s a palpable sense of relief when the one-track, 45-minute encore Segall threatens fails to materialise.

Fanny Dog, for instance, is a brilliantly bombastic garage romp, Despoiler Of Cadaver adds a rare funky groove to proceedings, while a thunderous, thudding cover of Hot Chocolate’s Every 1’s A Winner proves the evening’s biggest headbanger.Instead, what we’re left with is a set where exhilaration just about outweighs exasperation; a messy yet frequently intoxicating splurge from one of modern rock’s most restless forces.Jet-packing around the indie / garage cosmos for the last four years, Ty Segall has done too many singles and EPs and split records and shared records and albums and cassettes to count. He’s made it because he’s toured constantly, puts on a great show and genuinely loves what he does.At the end of the Aughts and beginning of the Teens, Ty Segall was a cornerstone of San Francisco’s garage rock scene, pioneering a washed-out surf-and-psych rock sound that has come to define the region.The singer and multi-instrumentalist has since relocated to Los Angeles, where he remains as prolific as ever.

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