Trent dating

“Both genders are saying it could be either of them who progress the relationship along, but in reality, women aren’t active in those roles.It’s the men who both ask women out on dates and define the relationship.” Sophomore Jose Espitia said he prefers asking women on dates, rather than women initiating a date.

“For me personally, I will know if I want to date a girl within a couple of moments of interacting with her.She had this expectation too, and, though it worked out for her and Rodrigo, she recognizes it doesn't for most.“Coming from high school, you feel like all of your market is saturated,” she said. You’ve probably gone to school with them your whole life, and you just want to meet people you’ve never met before.You think, ‘There’s got to be someone for me.’” Espitia said the larger array of people in college encourages students to date multiple people.“There’s more opportunity here, so you don’t settle,” he said.

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