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I have two older brothers that are 4 and 5 years older than me. And let's face it, I really did look down on their inferior minds.

They always hung out together, and I ended up either being the third wheel or being left out. There is something I was always jealous of them for though.

I first see my brothers who have managed to seat themselves at a booth with what appeared to be a pair of collage girls and were quickly making their acquaintance. ” I looked at the sweet storm of M&Ms and vanilla ice cream continuing to melt into my hand. It seemed a tour bus had arrived and deposited another few hundred people into the joint. “Here,” she licked the spoon she was using clean, “You can use this one.” In my adolescent hormone stewing mind there was something rather erotic about watching the thirteen year old girl lick a plastic utensil clean before offering it to me.” To give you an idea of how bad it was I'll tell you this: they brought one ice chest with one twelve pack of soda with them to drink.A week away from civilization and that is all they brought.Mark's van barely made it down the sandy track that lead to the small secluded cove my father favored. Before I could truly get back into the groove of reading, the rear of the shell opened and Anna began climbing inside.My dad's truck had a shell on the bed, so while the others went about setting up their tents in the dark, I took the remainder of the camping gear from the bed and claimed it as my sleeping spot for the night. I had my queen-size air mattress inflated in half the time it took any of the others to erect their tents. While I could hear someone speaking, I could not make the words. She must not have realized I was there for when she saw me she reeled back to her heels and paused.

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