Top dating spots in nyc

Netflix and chill is for porridge-hoarding, hibernating bears.

This season’s screenings are all in the great outdoors (and some parking lots). Catch French flicks downtown, fish features at Rockaway Beach, and spooky favorites on a west side battleship.

Plan a romantic stroll as part of the evening, pick up a bodega beer for the road, and you may be able to pull this thing off for less than a Lincoln. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s outdoor outpost will transport you and your dragon queen or king to a medieval wonderland reminiscent of Westeros -- hopefully sans bloodshed. After brunch and day drinks in Dumbo -- Juliana’s for pizza and Gran Electrica for margaritas -- pop over to Brooklyn Bridge Park and hop on the beautifully restored Jane’s Carousel.When you’ve exhausted all of the city’s rooftops, take to the sea, instead.The massive floating Brooklyn Barge bar stationed off Greenpoint’s Milton Street, is the cruise you never asked for, complete with icy cocktails, dressed-up sandwiches, and classic hot dogs.The free ride boasts beautiful views of the skyline and a cash bar that, while modest, gets the job done.Once you’re back on land, take a short walk to SI’s own Flagship Brewery, where you’ll be rewarded with pints, indoor picnic tables, and AC.

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