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We cut the pipe carefully to gain access and pushed a rod as far as we could go.There was a build up of hair and typical deposits that are normally lurking in bathroom waste pipes waiting to cause that unwanted blockage.

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La Plage boasts SUPERB SEA VIEWS & DIRECT ACCESS to AWARD WINNING BEACHES combined with PRIVATE GROUNDS hidden behind electric gates.

A STATE OF THE ART PENTHOUSE apartment boasting in excess of 4800 sq. Using the highest quality materials throughout and implementing a luxury specification ...

Received a call from a colleague at Richmond Heating explaining that he was in attendance to a Landlords tenanted flat where the properties boiler was reported to be leaking water.

We joined the waste pipe back together and ran water to test, but unfortunately the blockage was not fully cleared. This was to be where an access point should have been when the waste system was being installed.

After creating the access point we then set back to clearing the blockage by using our flexible pipe clearing tool whilst the sink was full off water.

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