The best dating book for men

This review might be a rush, since I just purchased and read the book in under a week - not that it's too long, it's just I'm not the most avid reader.

However, this is the third book I've read in regards to the subject of dating women, and I wish that it was my first!

When looking for a list of the best books on the date of the last decade, several major themes are clear: the man is a human being who is obsessed with sex.

Behrendt is a former executive story editor for Sex and the City who, in this now-classic book, tells all of us women to stop kidding ourselves, let go and look for someone else who may actually feel the same way we do. All Men Are Jerks - Until Proven Otherwise by Daylle Deanna Schwartz It's not male bashing. A compilation of "The Rules" and "Rules II", it's somewhat old-fashioned and rigid sounding, but really can help to bring some perspective to yourself and the people you choose to date. Red Flags: How to Know When You are Dating a Loser by Gary S. You must know the warning signs so that you will be prepared! Choosing ME before WE, Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love by Christine Arylo If you are looking for a great dating guide that can help women stop making the same mistakes we've been making for centuries, this book is a great resource.Most books on romantic relationships focus on mate selection, marriage, and sexual purity.But before all that can happen, a guy has to get a date!Whether just entering the dating game or back after being widowed or divorced, men of all ages will benefit from this straightforward and candid treatment of male sexuality and dating. It is written from a Christian perspective, but is a lot more practical and useful than most Christian relationship books out there. Simpson shows a clear understanding of the Christian dating culture, and the unique challenges faced by men in this culture.Here it is men – a straightforward guide to the inner lives of women.

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