Teen dating emotional abuse

However, contrary to the victim’s belief, it is never their own fault.

An emotional abuser will try to make the child believe that he or she is the problem, when in reality the problem lies inside of himself.

First, there are observable symptoms, in which you can see by the child’s appearance that there is something wrong.

These are as follows: Drug and alcohol abuse is common in emotionally abused individuals.

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Victims are also more likely to become depressed or anxious, use drugs or alcohol, become suicidal, or be abused in future relationships.

Teaching pre-teens and teens about healthy relationships is vital in preventing teen dating violence.

A CDC survey found that 10% of high school students had been physically hurt by a dating partner on purpose within the past year. Sexual violence was even more common, with 11% of students reporting being forced to do something sexual within the past year by a dating partner.

Again, more girls (16%) reported this than boys (5%).

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