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As for his career, he was at the top of the game, but he still felt something was lacking.

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Danson was so enamored of his costar, however, that he was prepared to stop at nothing to keep them apart.

However, that didn’t stop Ted from receiving continued backlash.

Even the often vulgar Howard Stern saw fit to parody the event with the help of Sherman Hemsley, who played George Jefferson, to come onto his show playing the role of Whoopi, while Stern played Danson.

The unlikely pairing had lit up the screen on the film, but no one had expected that their chemistry would translate to real life.

The new pairing was undeniable as they appeared nearly inseparable at one too many events, but in their bliss, there was still trouble to contend with. As Hall made an exclamation that women could either be funny or beautiful, Ted adamantly disagreed, shocking audiences with his parting statement as he prepared to leave.

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