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This particular tour is really stripped-down and raw. I think a lot of people can get to know the artist that way. "I have a few friends who I haven't seen in a long time. Sometimes even family I haven't met yet," Hicks said with a wide grin. I recently got the chance to talk to Taylor Hicks about his career and his new show , when discussing his current tour, he told me, "It's doing great. That's something I have enjoyed doing as much as I enjoy doing the bigger venues. We are just scratching the surface here." While being on the road, Taylor Hicks has been able to catch up with familiar faces and family members that he never knew existed.Blues songs in the key of G and a harmonica in the key of C. I had this idea where we were gonna put the harmonica on rap. The more random you can be in this business the more of an impact you are going to make.That is the cross-reference and you will be able to be in key. Jimmy called me up and asked if I minded doing this Rebecca Black 'Friday' skit. I almost didn't make it to the plane but I was able to get there and do it with Stephen Colbert.I have things that a lot of people put a lot of heart and soul into, a lot of mental energy. When it comes to pop culture, as you move through this fast lane, you wonder where it all goes and how you can hold onto it.Taylor Hicks A lot of my music is very roots-oriented, and that's country and soul.But I came up with this idea to cover Van Morrison's in my hometown, Birmingham, in the Lyric theater on October 28th.I'm looking forward to that because it will be the first time I've ever covered a record from front to back.

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.It is possible Taylor's long-lost family members recognized him by his infamous harmonica skills. The skit he participated in remains one of the most memorable segments in the show's history.When asked if he still plays his handy-dandy instrument, he said, "I play it a little bit on . The harmonica travels with me everywhere." He then gave expect advice to people who have a desire to play one of the world's most portable instruments. Then they can look up songs that are in the key of G on the internet. Taylor Hicks recalled, "It was one of those things...He has a few surprises planned for his adoring fans.He told me, "I've never covered a version of an album.

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