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These should be emailed to the Awards Subcommittee chairperson given on the individual nomination forms.The closing date for nominations is generally mid September.Hochstetter Lecturer The Hochstetter Lecture shall be delivered to each branch by a New Zealand earth scientist who is undertaking or who has recently completed a major and as yet unpublished study, and who has a reputation as a good, informative speaker.Emphasis shall be on the dissemination of new concepts or techniques, and/or of important information which modifies existing interpretations.This award arose from the amalgamation of the Geological Society of New Zealand and the New Zealand Geophysical Society in 2010.The award was first offered in 2011, and the first recipient of this prestigious GSNZ award was Dr Bruce Thompson.The award shall be made to the outstanding New Zealand earth science technician of that year, with the qualification that no person shall be eligible to receive the award more than once.

Except for the Hochstetter Lecture, the year given is the year of the Annual Conference at which the awards were announced.Wellman Research Award This award commemorates the huge contribution to New Zealand geology made by the late Harold Wellman.A sum of ,500 is available for a geological or geophysical research project.The award shall be for one or more publications that have not already formed the basis of the award.Rules and guidelines for the Mc Kay Hammer can be accessed here, and the nomination template here .

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