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Rachel picked him for the job because of his good looks, but believed that her attraction to him would not be a problem.

I was very obvious that I was pleased when she said no. I was thrilled I bragged about it to the guys at work. We ended up getting in a relationship and was delighted at first.

About this tutorial: Video duration: Owlboy is a platform-adventure video game created by independent developer D-Pad Studio.

The game is notable for its long development cycle, which began in 2007, and was released in November 2016.

I thought I had committed the stupidest mistake of my life. It became apparent to me that I had some feelings for her all along.

Loving a girl that I thought loved me and betrayed me in the end. But in the end, I am thankful for the lesson I learned, and I promise to come back a stronger man than before. The following weeks when she got to the restaurant we always engage with each other and have small talks, but I did not have a chance to express my feelings to her.

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