Sxs arab girl

One of them, Journey to Hidalou was reviewed for compliance with Islamic law by Javad Shamaqdari, Iran's deputy culture minister for film.He said that the film was a good one, but could not be released with Ebrahimi in it, and suggested that her scenes be re-shot with a different actress.

For a time Ebrahimi was rumored to have attempted suicide because of all the negative media attention after her police interrogation.The main character seemed to do a 180 degree turn for no reason and there was really no build up to that.Also, Bun B's character and the incident that caused the climax was a bit random as well.The only consistent character was the Director (the cutie from Training Day) who chose the video girl to begin with.If the goal of the story was to deter young girls form making bad decisions or choose another career besides dancing in Hip Hop videos- I didn't get that.

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