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Stay away from that guy if you're gonna talk about music because he'll see right through you). I know, know, this is not what you've learned from watching Grease over and over, but its true. (Make sure the guy doesn't already have a girl though; those rockabilly girls can be mean with their spike heels! ) After you give the guy your mom's beer make SURE you say something about his car, "Nice fuckin air filter man". Wear your made-up car club jacket and you're on your way. We did however research it when we first heard about it, and then made a judgment based on our own research.

So you could say, for example, "I love those Sugar Beet Shakers! ) Guys, you can make friends with a guy with a car pretty easily too! We recommend dancers wanting to participate in competitions apply the same sound reasoning, and rigorous research, to this experience they would apply to buying a car or large screen TV - do your research before you start making an investment.

No more marathon viewings of Elvis movies, and Horton Heat videos!

No more calling up your friends in the middle of the night to find out what's cool and what isn't!

You'll want several leopard prints dresses, purse, belts, gloves, shoes, dog leashes, etc. Dye it black and whack yourself up some little bangs.Now you can consult the Idiot's Guide for the latest up to the minute advice on transforming your dull boring life into a new exciting rockabilly lifestyle!First of all in your quest to become rockabilly you should remember to never EVER refer to rockabilly as rockabilly.It needs a group of enthusiastic people, with diverse skills and interests, willing to put in time to shape an event where all dance schools, clubs and dancers feel welcome and included. Then build on it, when we have perfected the formula, and the right set of individuals to run it.As a result the organizers will need broad representation, and a vast skill base to be effective. We suggest looking at the second half of the year, as there are plenty of festivals in the first half.

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