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Trump does not care about the Ukraine joining NATO. On the other hand, I am the publisher of the Inquirer! I think I'm the one to do it; you see, I have money and property. Since we pay in USD, those dollars can't leave the US banking system.

You may, if you can form such a committee, put me down for a contribution of one thousand dollars.

Trump continues to be the devil to the Republican establishment and a foil to the plans to use a gigantic presidential field of freaks, zealots, warmongers, psychopaths and a token black, Hispanic and woman to allow the Bush restoration to take place. to a Bank CD) and park their treasury securities in their 'savings account'* at the NY Fed.

It is much too long and the lies and false promises get so obvious that refuting them is no fun and senseless. He seems to be unbriefed and says whatever he thinks in that moment. As such, it is my duty - and I'll let you in on a little secret, it's also my pleasure - to see to it that the decent, hard-working people in this community aren't robbed blind by a pack of money-mad pirates just because - they haven't anybody to look after their interests. If I don't look after the interests of the underprivileged, maybe somebody else will - maybe somebody without any money or property - and that would be too bad... Therefore, the Saudis buy our treasury securities (equiv.

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That's how Bechtel and Halliburton built Saudi Arabia's infrastructure with SA money, and no congressional interference.

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Someone compared Trump to the Citizen Kane character in the 1941 Orson Wells movie.

They all at Trump over the ginned up controversy about the phantom comment over Megyn Kelly's vaginal excretions and he emerged unscathed and more popular than ever. He may however want to read up on what happens to those who cross the Bush crime family though because there are probably already contingency plans in the works to remove him as a threat to "Jeb! I agree with his single-payer health care idea, tho'.

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