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Follow @robertmceachren , repost for my talented, creative guy: Apparently it's good #luck to #kiss under a waterfall #love #loveislove #fall #minnesota #beard #men #gay #gayguys #gayjock #boyfriends A photo posted by Sven Sundgaard (@svensundgaard) on The popular gay meteorologist himself confessed this we are not making it out.

He has even posted several pictures which will make you believe that he is gay in real life and a really proud one.

Now he’s ready for the X Games, where he’ll compete in Big Air (Friday at a.m. He tries to demonstrate tricks to me with his fingers, but he’d much rather be out on the mountain doing them.

He can’t remember how old he was when he landed his first snowboard trick, but he estimates he’s landed millions in his life.

There I'm basically working on phonetics and phonology of a number of languages, especially from the Caucasus, Siberia, India, Southern Africa and Argentina.

But recently I started doing research on the phonetics of human primates (chimps & bonobos).

“I just spent four hours on the slopes, so I’m a bit beat up,” he says.

#lightningfromspace Ll12a X Poco Cedillo. That beautiful Great Hammerhead #Shark you caught there a couple days ago in Texas is ENDANGERED! You see, the Endangered Species Act is under assault and threatened predators arent being protected. Tq51tkc P5 #GOES17 shares some first #wildfire imagery from the satellite of the deadly fire burning over 12,000 acres near #Yosemite.He spent about a month waiting for the injury to heal, but it turns out he’d damaged cartilage and needed surgery to repair it.This was Thorgren’s longest stretch away from snowboarding since he was 14. “But it was probably good for me to have time to think, kind of, and it was kind of cool to be injured and really see how much you appreciate snowboarding when you get back.” His lesson: Don’t take anything for granted. Here are a few random memories of the infamous "KARE-11" tornado tracked by Sky-11 for @wccoradio L Nn X0H Showers moving in by mid-late morning. Will this system get out of here in time for the weekend? I suspect @paulmagers was as dazed and shocked as I was by what we witnessed.

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