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PROPERTY DESCRIPTIONS AND LOCATIONS Troy holds two main Project areas in Guyana both were obtained through the acquisition of Azimuth Resources completed in July 2013.The main focus of exploration to date has been the Karouni Block where Azimuth has outlined Inferred Resources of 1.6Moz at the Smarts Deposit and Hicks Deposits.From oldest to youngest, the Guiana Shield and cover sequences comprise the following principal stratigraphic successions.The Guiana Shield has been correlated with the Leo-Man Shield of West Africa, and it is generally accepted that prior to the opening of the Atlantic during the Mesozoic the two shields formed a contiguous craton.Note: Before posting your question, do a search for it in the Google Search box at the top to see if it's been addressed. I plan to travel in the coming months, but want to feel comfortable beforehand knowing that the women in the country I'm visiting are receptive towards black men.I've communicated privately with Winston on the matter, and he suggested that I pose the question here for additional feedback.

The Muruwa and Iwokrama Formations of the Uatuma Supergroup are weakly deformed, typically comprising broad open folds.

REGIONAL GOLD ENDOWMENT The Imataca Complex incorporates substantial iron ore deposits in Venezuela, comparable to similar deposits within Archaean portions of the Leo-Man Shield in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone of West Africa.

Just as the Birimian Series of West Africa is noted for its substantial gold endowment, the lesser explored Barama-Mazaruni Greenstones of Guyana and their equivalents in adjacent countries include several significant gold occurrences such as Omai in Guyana, El Callo, Las Christinas and Brisas in Venezuela, Gross Rosebel in Suriname, and Camp Caiman, Dorlin and Yaou in French Guiana (see Figure below).

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