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1730 The earliest surviving map of the manor lands. 1779 The Stroudwater Canal opened, running through the manor lands 1810 Court Farm was built.

1847 The Court was owned by the Marling family 1906 Stonehouse Court was bought by Arthur Winterbotham who completely refurbished it to a design by architect Edwin Lutyens.

The town centre is 2.5 miles east of the M5 motorway, junction 13.

Stonehouse railway station has a regular train service to London.

1375 – 1558 The manor was owned by the Earls of Arundel.

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The date stone over the door is thought to commemorate the new building 1685 The Court was let to farmers with the owners living in grander places.

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In 1327, one of the manor's masters, John Maltravers, was implicated in the murder of Edward II in Berkeley Castle, and fled abroad.

He later found favour with Edward III and the Stonehouse manor was restored to him “by tenure de Marchacia (of the royal Marshalcy) by a rose per annum”. This may have been the origin of the modern day emblem of Stonehouse - the Tudor rose.

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