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From his point of view, she stubbornly won’t understand when he is being perfectly clear that he’s the one in charge.

She is sure that the therapist will help him recognize that he needs to hear another point of view. She thinks he wants the relationship to succeed as much as she does.

She understands being a stepmom might be the most challenging role you’ve ever played.

Linda enjoys sharing her stories of dealing with his ex, her step kids and new husband and loves to hear how they relate to your situations.

Some of the behaviors Joanna witnessed included the following: Dealing with an ex exhibiting signs of a personality disorder is going to be constant hard work.

It will affect you, your marriage, step-kids and biological kids.

Many people don’t fit perfectly into just one disorder but cross over to two or more of them.

Here’s a brief description of the three below: Antisocial As Joanna researched more about these disorders, she seriously suspected her husband’s ex-wife crossed between antisocial and histrionic personality disorders, as the unexpected became the expected.

Not only did she ruin the cookies (which was bad enough), she was dressed in skin-tight jeans, a fake fur vest, high heel boots, lots of makeup, gaudy jewelry and let’s just say her hair took up a lot of space around her head.And no matter how nicely I try to talk about it with him, he always becomes very defensive. After the third time, I threatened to leave him if he hurt me again.The other day we had a bad argument, and he pushed me down on something that bruised my back from the impact.You don’t want to give up on it but you also can’t stand the idea of spending the rest of your life fearing that you’ll be torn down whenever you begin to feel good about yourself or whenever your opinion differs from that of your spouse. Just as important, you know that it isn’t good for your kids to grow up believing this is the way people who love each other treat each other.The day Joanna met her husband’s ex-wife she had just baked cookies and was sending the kids home with a huge bag of home-baked goodness.

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