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North Memorial Medical Center has said that it will not release information about their conditions.

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It lasted roughly 6 minutes with two patrol squads and the SUV topping 80 miles per hour, according to the criminal complaint against Powell.

Lillianna had bleeding on the brain and many bruises and scrapes.

The SUV’s brake lights were not activated, and Powell failed to slow before hitting the children, the complaint said. A loaded handgun and drug paraphernalia were found in the vehicle.

Powell ran “completely over” Kayden and “partially over” Lillianna, the charges said.

Patrol dashcam video showed the father “attempting to gather [Kayden and Lillianna] and his other children, one of whom is in a stroller, to flee the basketball court before [the SUV] hits them,” but the children were struck within seconds. He had his spleen removed and suffered serious blood loss, fractures to his neck and pelvis, and bleeding in his skull.

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