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That plan was tested in May 1944, In 1967, Southampton took in part of the Nursling and Rownhams parishes. Southampton lost its County Borough status under the Local Government Act 1972.

It became a Unitary Authority in 1997, administratively independent of Hampshire County Council, following the Banham Review.

On 15 September 1940, the Supermarine factory in Woolston was bombed, killing many, though not damaging the factory. After the air raid Nazi propaganda declared that the town had been left a smoking ruin.

The accuracy of the locally based Ordnance Survey's maps did not go unrecognised by the Luftwaffe: German bomber pilots used them to bomb Southampton.

The period between the two World Wars saw an increase in the volume of traffic, as the motor car and Southampton Corporation Tramways evolved.Detailed maps of the time show that within Area C, Sub area Z extended around the north of Southampton and as far as Hedge End in the east.The plan was that troops and equipment would be assembled in the camps in sub-areas W, X, Y and Z then brought to the embarkation area to be loaded aboard the ships that were waiting there.In 1553, the Free Grammar School off the Mayor Baliffs and Burgesses of the Towne and County of Southampton was granted letters patent by King Edward VI, establishing the new school and thus fulfilling the legacy of William Capon who left money for that purpose in his will. Since that time it has been the last port of call for millions of emigrants who left the Old World to start a new life in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Barbados Southampton was one of the boroughs reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835, and contained the parishes of All Saints, Holy Rood, St John, St Lawrence, St Mary, St Michael, and part of South Stoneham.The painter John Everett Millais was born in the city in 1829.

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