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People out here on the streets are just downright rude, nasty, impolite and don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. There were two motorcycle cops about half a block ahead of me with a radar gun checking for speeders i figured.

Several cars went speeding by and they did nothing.

The traffic must have been doing at least 60mph, speed limit being 45, and they did nothing. You can't go anywhere on these streets that you don't get flipped off, glared at, honked at, cut off and more of the same with different variations.

A car turned off Pelandale onto the side street, where I was stopped making changes to my nav system, and one of the cops turned on his lights and siren, turned and pursued the car which stopped right away. We need to and I mean all of us, me also, slow down, give someone an opportunity to pull out of a driveway instead of speeding up to keep them in there. Why flip someone off just because they cut you off?

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