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• Bring a lawn chair, sunglasses, cap and your youthful playfulness.

• Free Parking is available at all locations but some locations will be nuts so you may want to arrive early. • Picnic Registration & Potluck Food Drop Off begins at Noon (unless you’re on the Walk AM) • Pay fee when you Register and get your Name Badge.

During the event, Ladies will stay seated and the Gentleman will rotate from table to table every 5 - 6 minutes.

Our host will guide the Gentleman to let them know when their time is up and facilitate in seeing them to the next table.

Or if you have idea of fun things to do, pass them my way. Also, this group is for all singles...dating, or engaged couples as well! " I think if we all adapt this mindset, we'll be just fine! We do not use traditional 'speed dating' offerings such as bells, whistles and name-tags.Instead we focus on creating an atmosphere conducive to meeting others; a great venue, a personable host and a staff to assist.Please put what you would like to bring from below in the “Comments” area. • Bags of Ice or Ice from Home for Coolers – • Clean Coolers with Ice for Food & Beverages – Beverages: • Cases of Bottled Water - • Canned Pop – Diet/Regular Pepsi, 7up, Ice Tea, etc Vegetable Appetizers: • Veggie Platters & Dips - • Carrots, Celery, Broccoli, etc – Cut Fruit: • Cut Fresh Fruit Trays or Bowls • Cut Seedless Watermelon - • Fresh Grapes or Cherries, etc - Picnic Snacks: • Chips & Salsa - • Sliced Cheese & Crackers - • Potato Chips, Cheetos or Doritos – • Nuts - etc - Salads & Side Dishes: • Misc Salads – • Potato Salads – • Pasta Salads - • Fruit Salads - • Baked Beans, etc– For the Grill: • Charcoal & Fluid - • Hamburgers & Buns - • Chicken - • Brats & Buns – • Hot Dogs & Buns - • Ketchup, Mustard – Desserts: • General Desserts- • Cookies, Bars, Brownies - • Cakes or Pies - #1 Goal is to Picnic, Play and have a Great Summer!!!PS: Looking for some Donations for more Tables, Games, Equipment, Picnic Area Rental - 1) To Donate Login to your Pay Account 2) Click on the send or request money button 3) Click on Send Money 4) Enter in the email address: [masked] 5) Choose an amount to donate. Are you a Christian looking for fun things to do and meet other people? TCCS is open to singles, and hopefully this group can be an opportunity to meet your significant other. The more participation we have in the meetup group, the better it will be for everyone! Please be respectful of other's beliefs and where they choose to worship.

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