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As his vision grew darker and his responses more sluggish, he wondered if he could recover his photos. His eyelids fluttered before finally staying open, but it still took a while before he could see anything. But as his vision slowly adjusted, he realised that it was the middle of a dark and cloudy night.The shape of the room eventually came into view and he sighed in relief. Systematically, Chiron began working his way down his body making sure everything moved; making sure his spine was still intact.There were several of them, featuring the same set of young faces over and over again. But to the man sitting in the chair, they would always be children. His office, such as it was, could be found on the top floor of his home. He crawled forwards and braced himself between the desk and wall.He picked up one of the pictures and held it in his hands. A three storey house that would not have looked out of place had it been on the beach. The pictures that had once sat on his desk were now strewn about the room; the glass shattered across the floor. The shriek of steel against steel pierced the air as the reinforcements fell upon each other.

The pictures were the only items that were obviously cared for. There was too much smoke and dust in the air to do anything else. A matching hole had been made in the ceiling while a spigot of fire was blazing over the break in the gas line. The force of the explosion had stripped away some of the walls to the steel defences. His boots crunched on rubble and glass and Chiron immediately wondered whether his pictures were O. He flattened himself against the wall, beside the door and listened. He poked his head out from the door but immediate gunfire had him ducking back inside. The last soldier was being hoisted up to the helicopter. Chiron took cover behind a wall that jutted out to separate the kitchen from the living room. Dust trickled down from the ceiling as cracks spider-webbed through the plaster. He stumbled back before Chiron once again kicked him in the chest. " and four blocks of C4 were thrown through the doorway. The old soldier pulled on a pair of combat boots and moved to the back of his home; the most defensible position he had. He raised an arm to block a crippling blow to his neck. Which was turned aside like an afterthought before Chiron slammed his head down onto Luke's nose. Enraged at the threat against his children he made to walk out of the building just as Luke cried out "ETHAN!He was getting old and his body didn't work as it once did. He had once stood amongst the finest soldiers and warriors on the planet and had been able to be counted as one of the best. The thoughts of all the men and women he had lost were gone. The desk, the chair, even the computer and monitor. He was picking them up so much it would have been foolish to secure them. There hadn't been any further movement for a few seconds. He braced himself with all his strength but he still went hurtling across the room when the room collided with the ground. Only one thing did."Luke...you're alive..." Luke laughed scornfully and stood up. The sight of his face was like a punch to Chiron's stomach. They were now carrying the weight of the house and they held barely.

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