Social and dating skills quiz

Healthy self-esteem is a prerequisite for healthy relationships.From my personal experiences, and my years spent writing about relationships, I’ve learned that poor self-esteem is the number one cause of unhealthy relationships, as well as the top relationship killer.Here are ten things people with high self-esteem do differently in their relationships: Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life” Quiz right now and find out if you’re sabotaging your love life, and if you need to get out of your own way… Confident women don’t analyze if he likes them – they assume he does.People with high self-esteem believe they are worthy of love and don’t question how someone feels about them.They bring their fully formed self into the relationship and if the guy wants something else, or something more, they leave.Let's go Take our Influence Score™ quiz to discover your influence. The first step is to get clarity on where your brand is today. You don’t want to become complacent and watch it pass you by. We will teach you how to turn around your career in the exact same way we did, no matter where you are today. We have testimonials from renowned experts to prove it. Through trial and error, we discovered the exact strategy that anyone can implement to go from being completely unknown into becoming a renowned success using the skills you already possess.

They act in accordance with who they are and what they believe and don’t cater their behavior for a guy, or do things solely to keep him interested and happy.

When you have weak boundaries, you may sell yourself out in a relationship and put up with treatment that you know is objectively unacceptable.

Confident people don’t abandon parts of themselves in order to have a relationship.

This quiz will show you where you stand with your brand. You may already be a pro and you just don’t know it yet. We will send you results and recommendations to best help you on your way to building your brand.

Or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to start. No matter where you are, you can quickly find out what your Influence Score™ is.

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