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yes bacteria will grow in the urine ..a much less harmful bacteria than the ones that the salty urine would wash out of the wound ..drinking piss is not a great idea in any situation peeing in a open wound may well save your life Pee itself doesn't bother me. Never know I could stay hard for this long but she stimulated the head too much so I lost the ability to orgasm as a result.Then an ex girlfriend who grabbed my penis anytime it was possible to play with it just for the joy of having it in her hand, hard or soft.Well I was happy with that im into drinking blood as a sexual and regular thing every day want besides some bdsm desires.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. If I'm meeting someone for the first time, it most likely be somewhere that sneakers aren't required and it would make me think the guy wasn't really taking meeting me seriously. My first meets are pretty quick and casual, like coffee, bookstore, etc and most guys I meet tend to own a lot of running shoes from the lifestyle, so it's pretty common. but they are entirely black and always in excellent condition.From reading previous posts, I understand that nice jeans, some type of polo or T-shirtare appropriate for the "casual date/meet and greet". The only time people should wear sneakers if if they are doing some kind of sport. One guy I met had just come from the gym and didn't change before he met me. Next time, maybe I will wear my flannel foot pajamas when I meet someone. Sometimes I may even meet a guy for a workout somewhere - no biggie. They are the only shoes I can wear that don't cause my back or knees problems and with them being all black they go with anything I wear. I think sneakers are fine.....long as they're not falling apart and all nasty/used option that may be desirable.wait you said jungle didnt you.a jungle there are a multitude of sources for life sustaining moisture .a jungle your biggest threat is other animals/insects/reptiles .. But as a sexy act nahhhh.i dated a guy that only wanted to do oral on me right after i got off work or shopping he said that he loved the musky smell of me i did what he wanted but i just wanted to take a shower first to be honest Once had someone SO into oral.however Urine would be a good source of moisture for washing out a wound .. Kept going long after I ejaculated and she kept going trying to get me to blow again.

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