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For this reason, the support only means that any game played in Team Versus gamemode, will be stored as Versus gamemode.

To be more accurate, it means all the points earned playing Team Versus or Versus are mixed and both are read as Versus.

[L4D2] Scavenge and Team Scavenge Support Explained: In current state the plugin simply stores normal statistics.

Timed Maps Explained: All single team gamemodes record time of each map.

Lani: You're running around Metropolis one day, then 27 guys who can bench-press a planet just standing there, and Superman has to fight them, and fuck up you whole city. Way to waste an opportunity to expand on a film that desperately needed more time to explore its characters, then completely...well, we'd use the sound of a bowel movement here, but we're classier than that.

It's merely implied, though completely believable, that this cat man can cat man do the job of blowing the planet to smithereens before you can say Cat Loves-- * BOOM*Kirran: "Woo boy, the Resurrection F arc!

The Survival maps are filled with medical resources and I thought it's too easy to score points using the meds.

But not, because he's the Legendary Super Saiyan gaiz!The support only adds a multiplier to the score a player would gather from the same action in Co-op.My randomly selected default value for Realism score multiplier is 1.5.I will put some more effort in to this feature and will add a panel for the players to view top times per map and their own times as well... Rank Vote Explained: Rank Vote feature work only in two teams gamemodes: Versus and [L4D2] Scavenge. Each player can initiate a vote to shuffle teams by player PPM (Points Per Minute).A passing vote requires more that 50% of YES votes, so exactly half is not enough.

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