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Modern AU: If America and Canada weren't found by the European nations. They never knew what they were until strange people began to arrive in town for some secret meeting. In the mysterious northern kingdom of Rossiya, there lays a secret among the royal family that causes the country to go into a 13-year isolation period.But if I'm going to survive long enough to find out, I'm going to need to make some changes."The Ministry had fallen. After the war, Percy thought that he would settle nicely in the camp, and attend school there with his friends and girlfriend. America and Canada return for their third year at Hogwarts, and this time England is coming with them as the new History of Magic professor.

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Sadly, his leisure plans for Beltane's Day go awry when Alfred acts on a hidden agenda and a hinkypunk's directions. Sequel to Elferingewort NO PAIRINGS Father Son Fic After destroying his 14th car, France has been told by his government that he has to pass his driving test. FINALLY UPDATED 8/29/17 SORRY I KNOW I'M THE WORST.Waldorf Education Waldorf Education - Introduction Waldorf Education In Our Schools FAQ: About Waldorf Essentials In Education Blog Our Waldorf Graduates Rudolf Steiner & the History of Waldorf Education NEW!Waldorf100 Logo Wear AWSNAThe Association of Waldorf Schools of North America Organization Membership Conference Save The Date Waldorf Education Trademarks Contact Us Find a School Find A School Map of AWSNA Waldorf Schools Map of AWSNA Waldorf High Schools Waldorf Early Childhood (WECAN) Programs Can't Find a School?If there was ever a moment that Arthur wondered how his seemingly normal life turned into an absolute mess, it was the moment he stood on an elevated stage, flipped off a woman wearing a ginormous wig, and snogged the frog.With his wedding fast approaching and Viktor's dreams becoming a reality, he finds himself confronting the problem he thought he had left behind years ago: his parents. He didn't realize that it would take her 3 years to dig herself out." Was originally supposed to be happy fluff but that plan derailed pretty quick.

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