Sisqo and mya dating

Speaking about the Game, what was your initial reaction upon hearing his line on the song “Dreams,” where he says, “I had dreams of fucking an R&B bitch like Mya”?Mya: Well, I had an AR inform me of the song before I even heard it.

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I did his video for the song because the director explained to me that it was just a fantasy sequence and nothing real.[Laughs] So a relationship is not my focus right now. Especially because of this industry and being a public figure. Social media can take things and twist them around, and something innocent on some website becomes a problem in your relationship. Mya: When things are meant to be, things are meant to be. I believe all things fall into place exactly when they’re supposed to. It’s a dangerous world out there when it comes to relationships. So I want to work on being my best self so I can attract the same. Basically, society could have advanced to the point where the Earth was destroyed and the rich are jet-setting back and forth to Mars, and we'd still be playing "Thong Song" in our spaceships.And Sisqó knew it was going to be a massive hit before it was even recorded.

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