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Hauling hay was good in the summer, when there was a lot of work, but there was no work in the winter.One night, in one of the brake check areas on the Grapevine just outside of Southern California, a car-hauler parked next to Harm.After six months, Harm jumped in a big binder (International) 220 with a 10-speed ranger.Later, he went to work for Orangethorpe Hay and got a new binder 250 with a 4×4 that even had a sleeper (something he had never had before).After over 40 years of trucking, Harm is retired now and enjoys spending time with his wife Thelma and his collection of old trucks – including the perfect, all-original Peterbilt 352-H cabover seen here.Born and raised in Holland, Harm always loved all types of transportation – planes, ships, trucks, he loved them all.Harm really enjoyed his time with these men, who all told him that he had to go stateside – and he agreed.After getting out of the Air Force, Harm contacted a cousin who was living in Southern California and asked if he would sponsor him to come to the United States.

The Government had put in place a single legislation for establishment, development and management of the Special Economic Zones.Harm had never driven a truck before, but Gerrit said, “Just follow that driver” – and he did, all the way to El Centro, CA.The driver helped Harm load twice and then he was on his own.Harm landed in Los Angeles, CA on a Friday in 1962, and on Monday, he was putting hay bales on a conveyor belt at Roy Visbeek’s dairy in Artesia, CA.Lots of hay trucks came through there, and Harm really liked them.

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