Drawing will be made Saturday 7/7 as soon as all slot request that come through overnight are settled.Payment must be made to claim a spot and if the raffles do not fill then I will either provide credit for a future panty or video purchase or give video content to make up for the payment.He then got on top of me, pulled them to the side and fucked me until I came all over his dick. Then when he was ready to blow his load he pulled out and came on my brand new bright white panties. Since we have so much fun with this I have a question for you guys.Would any of you be interested in “couples panties” or panties that we both have played with somehow?When I started out selling panties I consumed endless amounts of information about the fetish and the process of selling them, much like I consumed information when I began camming.I joined communities for used panty fetish, got my panties “verified” so people in the panty fetish community could trust me, and made connections with as many other panty girls as I could. I feel that as a used panty seller I serve my higher purpose in the adult and fetish businesses and that’s to help make people’s fantasies come true, fulfill fetishes that they can’t otherwise get fulfilled, and just make people happy in general.US domestic shipping cost is included in the raffle entry price.If you are out of the country please let me know before entering so a shipping amount can be provided to you (this would only need to be paid if you win).

I’ve got a ton of new toys, new equipment, and my shooting and camming areas are even looking better now. End of the year also means tying up a lot of loose ends.

I’ve got a bunch of continuing education to finish for a professional license I hold in November.

Of course I had two years to finish it but I waited until now haha!!

I hope that gives you a bit of a glimpse into my thoughts and answers the question of “why sell your dirty underwear? And when you get your own pair of may worn panties from my store, I know you’ll love them just as much! My Black Friday deals were such a huge success I decided to extend them for Cyber Monday in case anyone missed out. You have to subscribe to my exclusive sexy updates in order to have theses deals delivered to your inbox. I begin by running my feather duster across your dirty surfaces while wearing my sexy French maid outfit with no panties underneath.

The very short skirt lets me feel the cool air on my pussy and the slightest bend forward exposes my moistening slit and pretty asshole.

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