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Magical Diary has a student/teacher route that is generally popular, and he's certainly not casual about it.The Royal Trap has Prince Oscar who the MC is very definitely not supposed to be dating (for complex cultural reasons) and angsts over it.Other romance sims charge players to purchase virtual goods, but Voltage hooks the player with potboiler story lines, stopping at cliffhangers and requiring a payment to go on."You won’t purchase clothes or coins or whatnot," says Shino Imao, spokesperson for Voltage.They provide us with an astoundingly beneficial service with an extremely easy process– and that is the true definition of service! Ekkebus Executive Vice President & Treasurer Mountsville Mills Inc "My bank spends a good deal of money on training programs and new start-up concepts.Terry informed us of the benefit of Georgia’s retaining tax credits, and since we began working with him, we have had tax credits of roughly 4,000, providing wonderful savings for my company." Mary J.

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*Next thing to do: Code in all the sprite emotion and camera movement for Close Shave Sprite Sections *Other Thing to Do: Code in all CG and special animation stuff You might want to edit your first post so people checking the thread can see the answers :].Coming Out On Top has a student/teacher relationship. However, is is male/male and while there is drama about the potential relationship, there isn't lots of shame..that is the thing you like.Also, the student is a college student and not underage if you really like under legal age with adults relationships.Those were just the most obvious choices but there are plenty of others.Just to go through 'forbidden' romances in my own games...

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