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By the time I was about 16, I was first exposed to Internet search and I started with searching for things like ‘female wrestling’, ‘female nude wrestling’ etc and that’s when I first discovered the term ‘catfights’.

Even back then, internet was buzzing with tons of images and fantasy depictions related to catfights and probably that’s when this crystallized as a fetish and since then it has stayed with me all through my life.

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I have been married since 2008 and looking back at life, I feel at times I would have been more driven by this fetish rather than enjoying sex with my gorgeous wife.

“thanks to Meetfighters I have been able to meet not only new heels and wrestlers in my home country but in other countries as well.

I am glad I have the ability to go and meet these guys, wrestle, take pics and have fun. If you are just checking out this site I urge you to JOIN it.

Even as on date, I am able to enjoy vanilla sex because I have learnt to trick my mind.

While having an intercourse, I draw a lot of early excitement from my fetish rather than a foreplay.

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