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Roxy At the moment, I am in uni and before working for Live Lines I was strapped for cash.


I really enjoy helping people on the phone and it’s great that I can just decide to do extra hours if I need to pay out for something.Its such an easy way to make money while I'm at home. It's more like speaking to a friend than a customer.But the best thing is I can work around my family time.""I am an experienced Tarot reader living in France and this is the best way for me to earn a living.she did it for the laugh-but got bored and sleazed out Same friend also was a receptionist in a brothel.Lots of the women working there did it in secret- their husbands/partners thought they were cleaners/factory workers/whatever..were just getting xtra money for xmas/holiday etc takingiteasy - how many hours does this woman have to do to earn £200? (feel free to tell me to FO if you think I'm being too nosy).

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