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The best are Palladium, My, Černa Ruze, Svetozor, Flora or Andel.

Food in Prague has improved hugely in recent years, and now offers some great restaurants like any European capital.

The Czech Republic has a well deserved reputation for producing high quality gay porn and its bars are a good meeting place for 'beautiful young entrepreneurs and older investors'.

After some less successful attempts in previous years, the first large and really successful gay pride in Prague took place in 2011.In 1993 the country peacefully split and the playwright and civil right leader Vaclav Havel became President of the newly formed Czech Republic, with Prague as the capital. Spared the destruction that befell many other European cities in the war, and preserved by inertia during the Soviet era, the old city is an architectural gem of medieval, baroque and renaissance buildings.Although relatively small with just 1.5 million inhabitants, today Prague is the sixth most visited tourist city in Europe.Do not take a cab from the street and especially not at the train and bus stations NEXT: Gay Prague One benefit of the communist regime in the then Czechoslovakia was the relatively liberal attitude to personal morality, as the influence of the Catholic Church was all but eliminated.Homosexuality became legal for adults over 18 in 1961, some six years before the UK.

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