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Doesn't respond ANOTHER ANGLE Michael and Cameron observe Joey's leers at Bianca from their bench in another corner. The BELL rings, and the cowboys stand and spit into their empty bean cans. my Mom's from Canada MICHAEL Guess who just signed up for a tutor? KAT The people at this school are so incredibly foul. MANDELLA That's a charming new development Kat doesn't answer, but reaches over and puts a tape in the tape deck. As they pull out, Michael crosses in front of them on his moped. A shelf next to her holds several bodice-ripper romance novels, bearing her name.

I wish I could say he's a moron, but he's number twelve in the class. Mostly regional stuff, but he's rumored to have a big tube sock ad coming out. Cameron watches as Bianca flounces back into the building. SCHOOL PARKING LOT - DAY Kat and Mandella walk toward Kat's car. Mandella ties a silk scarf around her head, as if they're in a convertible. They watch Joey's car as he slows next to Bianca and Chastity as they walk toward the school bus. Bianca and Chastity can't get in Joey's car fast enough. BACK TO KAT AND MANDELLA Mandella lowers her sunglasses to watch. Michael putters off, leaving Cameron dodging Patrick's grimy, grey Jeep -- a vehicle several years and many paint jobs away from its former glory as a REGULATION MAIL TRUCK - - as he sideswipes several cars on his way out of the lot. STRATFORD HOUSE - DAY SHARON STRATFORD, attractive and focused, sits in front of her computer, typing quickly.

TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU written by Karen Mc Cullah Lutz & Kirsten Smith based on 'Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare Revision November 12, 1997 PADUA HIGH SCHOOL - DAY Welcome to Padua High School,, your typical urban-suburban high school in Portland, Oregon. Loners, Lovers, the In and the Out Crowd rub sleep out of their eyes and head for the main building. CAMERON I don't think so, ma'am MISS PERKY Then go forth. Cameron rises to leave and makes eye contact with PATRICK VERONA, a sullen-looking bad ass senior who waits outside Ms Perky's door. Miss Perky looks down at her file and up at Patrick MISS PERKY (continuing) Patrick Verona.

KAT As always, thank you for your excellent guidance. SOPHOMORE ENGLISH CLASS - DAY Bianca ignores the droning teacher as she writes a note in big flowing handwriting. Bianca folds the note and passes it behind her with a flip of her hair to CHASTITY.

KAT This from someone whose diary is devoted to favorite grooming tips? He pulls out a small tape recorder from his black bag. He hits the "play' button and SHRIEKS OF PAIN emanate from the tape recorder.

He's wearing biker glasses instead of goggles as he tries to revive his frog.

HALLWAY - DAY- CONTINUOUS Prom posters adorn the wall. The beautiful people pass, in full jock/cheerleader splendor. MICHAEL (continuing) Derek - save some for after lunch, bub? CAFETERIA - DAY - CONTINUOUS Loud music and loud students. MICHAEL I could start with your haircut, but it doesn't matter. I guess that does it for our analysis of The Old Man and the Sea.

Michael waves to DEREK, the one with the longest dreads. Kat, the girl we saw as we entered the school, slowly cakes off her glasses and speaks up. JOEY As opposed to a bitter self-righteous hag who has no friends?

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