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Staff at the Royal Infirmary were excellent, and slowly I was weaned off all the tubes I was attached to.Each day, the physiotherapist would come and take me for small walks, building up to include stairs.I hadn't been ill in 15 years, but I phoned my GP and he told me to take painkillers.

In February - five months after the operation - I went back to work part-time; now I'm back full-time.

We have to calibrate their blood pressure so that it's high enough to maintain their organs - but not so high that it will cause further bleeding.

Also, we don't want to delay getting the patient to theatre.

The principle of the operation is to replace the segment of affected aorta with a graft made of a woven material, and to stitch it to normal artery above and below the aneurysm.

The high risks attached to this surgery come from clamping the aorta - the main blood supply to the lower half of the body, which can put the heart under huge strain.

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